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Andrew Ducker

I pay myself to do the things I want to

I've been meaning to get myself back into some kind of basic fitness for a while. I've so busy and stressed for goodness knows how long that I kept starting things and then something would happen that would throw me off, and I'd make excuses and stop again, against my better judgement.*

So, having bumped into a few people using BeeMinder to keep track of what they were doing, and spur them into doing it more, I signed up at the end of March, determined to go from a fitness of "fuck all" to "do something basic".** So I told it I wanted to start at 5 push-ups, and be doing 50 by the time I get married. And today I'm halfway there:

Now, BeeMinder can just keep track of things for you. But if you find it easy to drop out of your goals then you can do what I did. I bet them $5 I'd stay on track. And so far, I really have. I get a daily email from them, telling me how long I have until that yellow line catches up with me, and I make damn sure I can stay above it.

You can see how I'm doing here, if such things interest you (and also see the legend for the graph, if you want to know what all the different things mean).

*An effect known as Akrasia.
**I learned a long time ago that you have to start small and go for small increments. I watched a couple of flatmates start off a new exercise regime by pushing themselves too hard, pulling muscles, and never doing it again.

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