Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Some thoughts on politics

First, some local observations. I have to say that I was incredibly disappointed to discover that the majority of the people standing in my local area didn't have a web page up anywhere explaining who they were, what they believe, and why we should vote for them. At a point where people are disgusted by all the political parties coming across as a real person rather than a mouthpiece for the party line is vital. This is particularly true in Scotland, where we use Single Transferrable Vote. While my natural reaction is to place Labour near the bottom of the parties I'm willing to vote for, I'd move an individual candidate who was on the liberal wing of the party up the list - so it's in their interest to make it clear exactly where they stand. Also, STV makes it dramatically easier for independents, or unusual parties, to get elected. I'd have been interested in a Pirate Party candidate, but there weren't any standing in my ward. With a decent voting system (as we have in Scotland) there's no excuse for not voting "Because they're all the same." - you can get involved, organise some friends, and get out there recruiting people.

On a national level the main issue I'm seeing is incredibly low turnout - less than 30% in most places. Most people have no idea who to vote for, because of the aforementioned "They're all the same" argument. From the Boris and Ken show in London to the various Scottish parties warning me not to let each other in, the main driver that's being used is fear. And it's not working, because at this point nobody believes anything any of the major parties say.

bracknellexile suggested I run a poll about the voting, which was tempting. He was wondering what information people got through their door, whether it only had national information or local information, whether it had information on what the candidate(s) personally believed, etc. But after reading on Facebook, LJ and various other sites last night, I know that the answers are horribly disappointing all round. The thought of posting a poll that will then get filled up with more information that makes me miserable, and comments highlighting the awful state of British politics just fills me with too much dread.

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