Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

A weekend of sickness, family, and overwhelming machinery

After the joyous couple of nights of not-nearly-enough-sleep, where I took myself off to the sofa so that my coughing wouldn't keep Julie away, we went away Friday->Sunday to my cousin's wedding in Bristol. This was a pretty good time, that would have been better if I hadn't been incredibly tired, still sick, and consequently grumpier and less sociable than I usually am. It takes effort out of me to make general conversation, and I just didn't have the energy, which was a shame, as it was genuinely nice to see them.

It didn't help that I passed my cough on to Julie (currently passed out in bed since 8:30 this evening - she spent most of the weekend feeling awful and propping herself up with a variety of medicine), and my mother also came down with something unpleasant and missed the wedding entirely, spending two days fast asleep in bed. She'd wake up every so often, be entirely lucid for five minutes, and then fall asleep again. Worrying, but being married to a doctor at least means that I can feel confident that it's nothing serious enough to worry him.

The wedding itself was nice - my cousin Mark, who met his wife at a speed-dating event and then waited seven-years to actually marry her, was ecstatically happy, wandering around with a big grin the whole time, was clearly ecstatic to find himself married to a woman he adores. His speech at the wedding was lovely, and would have brought me even closer to tears if I hadn't been falling asleep at the table (it was about 10pm by this point).

The meal was on the SS Great Britain. If you ever find yourself in Bristol with an hour or two to spare then I recommend you take a look around this ship. Designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, it's a work of art and science, and the work they've done to turn it into a museum is marvellous. Because we had the place booked for a wedding party we could just wander however we liked, and we spent ages roaming throughout the ship, which had numerous rooms set up to look as they would have done in 1845, when she crossed the Atlantic (the first iron-made screw propellor ship to do so, I believe). Not only were the models realistic enough that I found myself apologised to one once, and mistaking a wedding guest for one, but the sets were quite incredible - from the smell of hay in the stabling area to the aroma of dried blood in the butcher's room, via the engine room.

These two videos show a great wheel from the middle deck, and then from the lower deck. Feeling dwarfed by it was quite an experience.

And then I took a photo of Julie playing with a wheel. Because, well, wouldn't you?:

Anyway, good weekend, that would have been a great one if I'd been feeling well enough to go dancing, chat more, and stay upright. I should probably now take something to stop my throat keeping Julie awake, hang up some clothes for the morning, and go the hell to bed, so I'm in a fit state to go into the office tomorrow and cough all over people.

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