Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

I shall keep whining about the awful way that ebooks are sold until they fix it*.

Someone had a link to a cheap offer on The Hunger Games ebooks, in which they were only 84 cents from Kobo. So I followed the link, which told me that I couldn't use that site, as I am not American. So I went to the UK Kobo-run site, which did not have the same offer. So I went to the Google books site, which did not have them at all. At which point I decided they did not want my money, or they would not tease me so.

Five minutes later I bumped into this piece on Scalzi's blog in which Elizabeth Bear told me that her new novel was made of AwesomeSauce, drizzled over rich fantasy meat, with a side of yummy non-European world-building. And so I reversed my searchamotron, and made pit stops at Google Books and the UK Kobo site, discovering that neither of them had the book. So I tried Amazon UK, thinking they might have it, and I could buy it on Julie's Kindle, hack it and transfer it to my book reader. Only to discover that it is not in the UK Kindle shop. Oddly, it _is_ in the US Kindle shop, but of course you can't buy from there with a UK Amazon account, and there are limits to how hard I am willing to work on giving the industrial-publishing complex my money.

And so I have bought no books today**.

(As a note, I know that There Are Reasons why these things happen. I have read about them numerous times on various author blogs. But I frankly do not care that the authors, publishers, etc. have tied themselves into a Gordian knot that makes it hard for people to give them money. They can either find themselves an Alexandrian solution or perish, their choice.)

*And by "fix it" I include "They all go bust/copyright ceases to exist/aliens destroy mankind", in increasing order of likelihood.
** I didn't just download either of them either. I just decided to find something else to read.

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