Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

What I have heard about Mass Effect 3 (No Spoilers, just silliness)

Back and forth between Nick and John over email:

Nick: I was quite surprised that Mass Effect 3 turned out to be a rhythm action sex simulation, set after all life in the galaxy had been exterminated except you and Wrex. Big props to Bioware for making a cross-species procreation game though.

John - have you got through the level where Wrex tells you about the way his first girlfriend used to do it? I tried using the special unlock Spectre position but it didn't help. I've heard that the reverse cowgirl DLC works for this one but that costs £5 in points - thoughts?

John: I'm clearly not as far in as you are. I've just done the bit near the start where all the Quarians take their helmets off in unison and it turns out that they all look like Neil Patrick Harris. Deeply moving, I thought.

Nick: I think I missed that part because in ME2 I didn't do the bit where you organise and take part in a musical number in the Citadel.

(Note - following my standard policy, I will be picking Mass Effect 3 up for a tenner when it hits cheap, and am currently enjoying my play-through of ME2 rather a lot. Please do not reveal plot of ME2 or ME3 in the comments. Feel free to chat about ME1 though. I've finished that :-> )

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