Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Recently we have been watching...

Lost Girl - which you can think of as "The Canadian Angel", insofar as it's got a somewhat-brooding main character in a world full of different kinds of magical creatures, taking jobs to help people. The main difference is that the supernaturals are all "fae", which is used as a catch-all term for everything from werewolves to Baby Yaga - no vampires yet. The writing is fun, if patchy, the actors are clearly having a great time, and the setup (the main character is a Succubus, refusing to join either of the two factions who control all of the fae) gives them a lot of scope for different plots.

Once Upon A Time - The setup is that a bunch of fairy tale characters (Snow White, etc.) trapped in our world by a curse. It has some similarities to the comic series Fable, but only very limited ones. I'm only two episodes in, but this is very slick, sets up a good arc plot, and flashes back and forth between the fairytale world and our world nicely.

Both of them are worth checking out. Lost Girl is showing on SyFy, Once Upon A Time is coming to Channel 5 later this year.

Oh, and both are female-led, if that helps :->

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