Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

It should be easier to buy a new phone

I've been keeping an eye on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus* to see what the price was like**. It originally went on sale for £580, dropped to £500, then £450, and today I checked Amazon to discover it was only £400. Which was just too good to pass up on.***

I was about to click "buy" when Julie suggested I try a few other sites, to see if any were better. So I did a quick search and was amazed to see Expansys had it for £340. I think I just about broke my fingers clicking buy on that, as it was beyond a bargain.

And, indeed, it was too good to be true. An hour after arriving at work I noticed the order was "pending additional information", and an hour later I received an email from them telling me that the order was in error, but they'd let me have it for £399, which was still a saving of £50 over their "actual" price. But not a saving over Amazon, who hadn't pissed me off with silly mistakes, and thus got my cash.

In any case, the new phone should arrive tomorrow (better than the three days Expansys were promising), and I have the day booked off to recover from erindubitably and marrog's legally binding ceremony of togetherness, so I can spend it playing with new tech****.

*Because I wanted an open phone that didn't have any manufacturer or carrier overlays/software installed on it.
**Aided by poisonduk
***I'd been planning on waiting until March, when I should have some more cash, but I can juggle money around and make this work, so long as I get it all sorted before the wedding, which won't be a problem.
****And doing all the washing up I haven't been doing over the last couple of days while I've been working until 7:30pm

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