Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

The mini-pomodoro tidying technique

Neither Julie nor I are the tidiest people when we're stressed*. As she's doing a PhD and I'm living with a PhD student this means that the flat gets pretty much bugger all attention. When we do have some time free from stress/keeping ourselves alive the last thing we want to do is housework - we both need to do something _fun_ so that we're not just suicidally depressed. As we're both much happier when we're in tidy places the lack of a method of making our surroundings nice is a problem.

I've been meaning to try out the Pomodoro Technique for something for a while. It's very simple, and it seems like a good way to break a block on being able to start things. 25 minutes seemed a bit long for something like this though, and I figured that actually we could make massive changes in 10 minutes if we focussed - and that 10 minutes is about as long as either of us can focus on tidying up without getting distracted. We work both best with a bit of pressure - and the mixture of knowing that the boring chore will be over in ten minutes, combined with knowing that I had to get the chore done within a ten minute period seems perfect to get me moving.

So we just tried it - ten minutes in three rooms, with five minute gaps in-between. And indeed, it's amazing how much tidier a room gets in ten minutes of focussed tidying**. This is definitely something to work on turning into a habit.

*I know certain people are horselaughing right now, but seriously, last time Julie went away for four days the flat got a lot tidier, because I was suddenly left with less distractions, and seem to have developed tidier habits for no particularly good reason.

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