Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Yesterday's Daily Update

Didn't update yesterday because we were out all evening. First at the wedding hotel, where we told them that the food wasn't plain enough to suit the palates of the wide mix of people we were inviting (it largely consisted of "Fussy thing stuffed with unusual thing, with a bizarre thing sauce", and we are now edging them towards "Chicken, with some potatoes, and some nice simple vegetables". We sorted out some other details too, and chatted to the wedding organiser - our fourth since first booking, about 6 months ago. Hopefully this one will stay until July.

We then went out for dinner, as Monday is half-price day at one of the places in the same complex as the hotel, which was nice. Then popped home, dropped some stuff off and then popped round to Lizzie and Ari's, where we chatted with them and Hazel until it was past bed time, staggered home, and fell over. Which was absolutely lovely, as we haven't done that in aaaaaaages.

Now to dash into work, as I need to be in early today, and probably shouldn't be spending my time writing LJ entries, even if I am running slightly behind on my New Year's resolution...

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