Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

I'm not (yet) really interested in talking about Scottish Independence

The reason I didn't post a poll about Scottisn Independence last week is that I couldn't face the ensuing debate. The referendum almost certainly isn't going to be for another three and a half years and any discussion now will be reconsidered, reversed, reiterated, and generally be out of date come that point. I actually hope that setting a date means that we can stop thinking about it for at least two of those years and move on to talking about other things.

What _does_ fascinate me is the politics around it, the manoeuvring, the reactions to it, etc. The people-watching parts are currently far more interesting to me than the thing itself. Once it's less than a year away it will feel worthwhile having an opinion that goes further than "There should be a referendum so that a decision can be made." For now, I'll stick to being amused at the press tying itself in knots trying to work out what it thinks.

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