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I was supposed to have Jury Service tomorrowat the High Court in Edinburgh. A quick call to their automated number has just told me that this is now not happening, and I should phone back on Monday night to find out if they'll want me on Tuesday instead.

I've been called for Jury Service twice before. The second time I phoned the line twice, and was told the second time that I wasn't needed at all. The first time I went in (along with 20-odd other people. They told us a little about the case, disqualified a couple of people for being too close to the case, and then picked names out of the hat to let us know which 12 would be on the actual jury*, and I wasn't picked. I was quite glad, as the case looked likely to be a gruesome one.

I find the concept of jury service fascinating, and would like to do it at some point. This is, however, not a good week, as there are a lot of important things I'd like to be involved in (including my final end-of-2011 review and a meeting with our UK CEO), so I'm kinda hoping that I'll be let off with it again.

*Over here in the UK lawyers don't get to disqualify you for no reason.

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