Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Okay, so my trip to work lasted about three minutes

I live on a side-street off a side-street. And it's _still_ noisy as hell from the wind out there. But, hey, you gotta go to work.

Until I wandered out onto the main road, a piece of metal blew past me at about 30 miles an hour, I had to struggle to stay upright from a constant stream of high-speed air, and then struggle back to my turning when I decided "Fuck this" and headed home again.

So I'm now using remote desktop to connect to the office so that I can find a phone number for a manager that I can tell I'm taking the day off.

Ok, so it looks like both my manager and my lead developer have the day off anyway. I shall take an impromptu one and get stuff done around the flat instead!

Aaaand, the Met Office have a Red warning over my flat:

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