Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Christmas Thoughts: My nightmare before Christmas

I woke up slowly in the middle of the night, my brain feverishly working on an urgent coding problem. It was only after about ten minutes of forcing myself slowly towards wakefulness that I managed to reach the realisation that I didn't have any urgent coding problems, and that whatever I'd been working on made no sense. I wandered to the toilet and then back to bed, thinking that I'd sleep better after thirty seconds of being awake, but as soon as I closed my eyes the sense of urgency and stress came back, a sureness that I had to solve this problem, and a greasy odd sensation over my whole brain, like a fever dream.

So in the end I turned the laptop on and woke myself entirely by surfing the web for fifteen minutes. And, once I'd cleaned out the diseased cobwebs from the corners of my brain, I closed the lid, and my eyes, and fell fast asleep almost instantly.

To be woken at 8-ish by a small boy deciding that "Uther was staring at my door, so he must have wanted to come in and see me." and a five stone alsatian climbing onto my chest to wish me good morning with his tongue.

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