Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Christmas Thoughts: Things that have entertained me today

Walking the dogs in the rain. Not huge amounts of rain, but enough to give me flashbacks to holidays walking in the Lake District when I was a kid. It became obvious that I'm less fit than I was a couple of years ago...

Playing Dominion. To be precise the Intrigue and Prosperity variants. I can blame, IIRC, coalescent and despotliz for originally inspiring me to pick up a copy of the game, which has now entertained my family for a year and a half.

Finding cute pictures of animals on the internet and sharing them around the family, culminating with the Baywatch of dogs:

courtesy of skreidle

This video of a freeze-mob for Star Wars: The Old Republic:

which seems to have both baffled and enthralled the people standing around it in Times Square.

Next up - more games, and then dinner. Venison, pheasant and grouse, courtesy of a pack of meats from my uncle Chris.

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