Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

What I did today

In work at 8am to prepare for a 9am meeting, which went quite well, and produced some ideas for a project I'm working on.

Left early as I had a dentist appointment just after midday for a slightly chipped tooth*. It lasted ten minutes as the dentist just patched it. Then I went home, kept Julie company while she packed, prepared a few things for the holidays, made a phone call to the Edinburgh Registrry Office to talk about weddings, and made a phone call to my insurers which saved use £210.

And then we hopped onto a bus into town, switched to an airport bus, and then had dinner together at the airport as we arrived with an hour to spare before Julie had to head through security.

Then I got the bus back into town, nearly falling asleep on the way, switched to the bus home, popped into lizzie_and_ari's flat, and picked up the keyboard that I had lent to marrog aaaages ago***.

And then home, where I've fallen over for an hour, but must now go and pack for my own Christmas flights, as well as throwing out the rubbish and making sure there's nothing lurking in the fridge to evolve over the week we're gone.

And then bed, where I will no doubt sleep exceptionally well.

*Probably due to stress-induced teeth-grinding. I am _so_ glad it's almost Christmas.
**They were trying to charge us £485 for home insurance. I phoned a competitor, got a quote for £250, phoned them up and said I was quite happy to shop around, and got a quote from them for £270. I'm perfectly happy for pay the extra £20 for continuity of service, in case anything goes wrong again with the damp. Motto: make the call, you never know what it might save you.
***What with marrog and erindubitably having left for Dundee I suddenly found myself with a keyboard, and my copies of Ticket To Ride and Robo Rally back. We need more shelves.

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