Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Three Music Videos Make A Post

Here is David Attenborough singing "What a Wonderful World"

although "singing" is not quite the right word. When marrog showed me this she described it as "Shatnering", which seems more apt.

Not having hearding ot it, I initially thought it was something hacked together from samples, like the awesome Masterchef Synethesia:

rather than the rather touching and absolutely beautiful creation it is.

I bumped into this piano solo a couple of days ago (linked from the Star Wars cello video) and have had it stuck in my head ever since. I can't even type this fast:

Oh, and a bonus video: Japanese woman in a pirate hat showing how to Rock Out with fantastic guitar skillz:

Unusual for the fact that the video consists of (a)guitarist shredding wildly, (b) guitarist showing you how it's done, (c) guitarist performing on stage with the rest of the band. Extra points for clearly having a good time. (She's from "Gacharic Spin" if you want to find more.)

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