Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Link Feed Templates

After much faffing around with Javascript and the like, the templating is now in.

It's not for people that don't understand code at all, but I can't see much of a way to make it simpler.

The current default template looks like this:
<ul class="links">
#foreach($link in $links)
<li class="link"><A href="$link.URL">$link.Title</A>
#if($link.Description)<BR><span class="link-description">$link.Description</span>#end
<BR><span class="link-tags">(tags:#foreach($tag in $link.Tags) <A href="$tag.TagURL">$tag.Tag</A>#end )</span>

which basically says:
  • Start a list
  • For each link in the collection of links:
    • Create a new list item and put the link title in it, and make that title a hyperlink to the URL of the link.
    • If the link has a description, then put it in, on a new line.
    • Add a new line, and then put in each tag, turning it into a hyperlink back to the site that the links came from (i.e. delicious or pinboard)
    • end the list item
  • end the list

If you're going to play around with it then use the "Test" input and output settings, so that you're not constantly scraping the source links/posting to your journal. If you completely mess it up then hit the "Reset Templates" button to restore the original template.

Next up - a template for the subject line/title.
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