Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Posting from Delicious to Dreamwidth/Livejournal

So, I've finally got something up and running.

If you'd like to have a test drive of it and give me feedback then that would be awesome.

Source user name = your delicious user name
LJ/DW user name/password = fairly obvious. I solemnly swear I am not storing them (although I intend to make that a feature in the near future).
Links Date/Time should be the date/Time you want them posted _in UTC_. That means that if you live in the UK and want them posted for the 24 hours up from midday yesterday to midday today (BST) then you would use the settings it defaults to. If you are in a different timezone you will have to do the maths yourself.
Output to = Dreamwidth, Livejournal, or Test. DW or LJ post to your journal, using your username/password. The post is currently set to Private, while I kick the tires a bit. You'll have to set it to public yourself. Test will simply redirect the post back to the web page, so you can see the output.
The current timezone bit is vital, because LJ/DW will not let you post with a time set before an existing post. So it makes the post with the current time _in the timezone specified_. So set this to Europe/London if you're in the UK, or to whatever your timezone is if you're elsewhere*.

Feel free to give it a play and leave comments on this post.

*Note: BST is _not_ British Summer Time, it is Bangladesh Standard Time. Confusion in this regard will cause your post to occur five hours in the future.

Original post on Dreamwidth - there are comment count unavailable comments there.
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