Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker


I caught the number 10 bus home.

Which sounds like the dullest of the dull thing I could post on my journal.

Except that the number 10 route has Edinburgh's new Eco-buses on it. Which, rather than having a petrol engine, are electric, with a diesel engine constantly purring away to charge the battery, plus regenerative braking to add to their efficiency.

Their electric drive-train meant that the ride felt smoother, and the engines are a _lot_ quieter. I could hear the engines of other buses on the road over the noise of the bus I was in.

In addition they have the same video screens the airport bus has, which show you the next few stops, and what other buses you can catch on them:


Oh, and it has free WiFi.

If you want something more exciting than _that_ then you're going to have to go for an entirely different approach to commuting:

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