Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

What I did this weekend, by Andrew Ducker, aged 39 and 1/18th.

Things achieved this weekend:
A) With Julie
  • Massive tidy up of the bedroom, including dealing with things lurking under the bed which Should Not Be (see Phil Jupitus post earlier).
  • Rearrangement of the bedroom into a shape that makes it easier for either of us to go to the bathroom without awaking the other.
  • About five loads of washing.
  • Getting rid of our combined weight in cardboard (Amazon: Handy, but produce lots of recycling).
  • New work shoes for me.
  • New coat for Julie.
  • Haircut for me.
B) Allll byyyy myyyyysellllllf.
  • Emailed the people who are in the midst of buying over Delicious and told them it's not working properly at the moment. Discovered that they should be finished with new infrastructure soon, and had no idea that Stuff Was Wrong.
  • Got the project I've been working on to the point where it can scrape the Delicious RSS feed and write an LJ post. Still got a bunch of stuff to do with this, but a few more evenings and I should have something I can use for me, and a few evenings after that it should be usable for anyone.

Which sounds like my cue to brush my teeth and curl up in bed with an episode of Castle.
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