Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

The proper price for a tablet

HP released the 16GB touchpad at £350. Nobody bought it.

They then decided to get out of that market and dropped the price to £89 in order to get rid of them. They sold out pretty much instantly.

And now they seem to be selling on ebay consistently for about £200.

Which tells us that for an average 10" tablet that's not an iPad, the correct price to sell them at is probably around that, if you want to go mass market.

The problem being that nobody seems to be able to make them that cheaply. About as good as it gets seems to be the Archos 101, which looks distinctly old-fashioned now.

I suspect I'll be holding off for at least a year, probably two, before I end up with one. At the moment, they just aren't worth the money for one that's worth having.

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