Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Identity and sharing #1 - Facebook is not my home.

I signed up for a bulletin board this morning* and it asked me to either give it a username/password, or sign in with Facebook.

And despite loving the idea of distributed identity, I filled in a user name, password, email address, etc. Because Facebook is just not my home.

I use it. I think the event management stuff on it is awesome - I've not found a better way of organising who is coming to things. I read the status updates when I'm bored at the bus stop**. But it's not somewhere I feel attached to. I feel it's a tool that will at some point be replaced by other tools.

Livejournal feels like home for me - I've used as an OpenID on a fair number of sites, and although it doesn't feel quite as home-like as it once did, I still have a strong emotional attachment to it.

But, while Facebook and Twitter may be more ubiquitous, I don't feel any attachment to them at all. And so I won't be using them as my identity elsewhere. Because they aren't.

*for the Swype beta - I wanted to leave some feedback on issues with G+ and the Swype keyboard. Turned out they fixed it in today's release of the Android app.
**Well, A Game Of Thrones is sucking up a lot of that time at the moment, but you get the picture.

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