Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

A quick theory about Doctor Who - now with extra theory in which I've worked it all out

So, River kills the best man she ever knew.

Which is, presumably, Rory. Unless it's The Doctor.

In either case - what if she did it _as a child_? We last saw childRiver in the 1950s, wandering the streets doing regenerationy stuff. What if the first time she meets The Doctor she kills TBMSEN by accident - and ends up locked up for it anyway. And then, clearly, she gets visited repeatedly in prison, and taken out here, there and everywhere by him - and he basically raises her, telling her just enough to prepare her for what she has to do when she meets him later on.

(I'm discounting the idea that childRiver in an astronaut suit killing The Doctor at the start of the current season is this event, as it seems too obvious.)

Also! Whatever The Doctor does _next_ - when he gets _really_ angry - is what kicks off the war he's having right now. Because he's operating backwards in time to River, and thus backwards in time to the people he's involving himself with right now. So he does something bad to them, and their retaliation is what causes him to do it. It's a great big paradox in the middle of the plot! Genius.

And thought of first by Alan Moore in the Doctor Who comics he wrote back in the 80s...

Original post on Dreamwidth - there are comments there.

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