Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

How I spent my weekend

Saturday was spent dashing out to the shops to find a bow, and then helping Julie set up her sewing machine so that she could hem the fabric for the wimply bit of her costume. We went to a Disney themed 30th birthday party as Robin Hood/Maid Marian:

(photo courtesy of erindubitably, who made an awesome Peter Pan.)

T'was fyrie's party, and she'd clearly been busy. You can see the Malificient/Hades duo* in the background, but you can't see the various Disney princesses up on the wall that she'd spent a lot of time producing, all of which looked awesome**.

Sunday was spent playing board games. My brother just took voluntary redundancy from a job he'd been unhappy at for a few years, and we celebrated by handing off Noah to friend-of-the-family babysitters for the weekend and playing Twilight Imperium and Britannia, both 4+ hour games that we hadn't had a chance to play for a very long time. I enjoyed both of them - although Britannia clearly doesn't work as well as a four-player variant as it does with four players.

And now I have two days off, as I use up the last of my holiday day before the end of the holiday year (which, for reasons dating back to the 19th century, falls on June 15th). Some intensive flat-tidying and a few bits of DIY await...

*A match you can see in this halloween short
**They were given away at the end of the night, and were instantly snatched up by a variety of people.

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