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I use Google Reader to read most of my news. I have subscriptions to 60 different feeds, including numerous tech sites, news sites, etc.

And I just discovered that they have a page that tells me what feeds I actually read the most of.

Apparently, over the last 30 days there were 13,996 items, of which I clicked on 948. And checking my page on Delicious, I seem to have actually bookmarked about 250 items over that time.

Which means I click on about 7% of the items that I scan through, and then about 25% of that is interesting enough to share with my beloved readership.

Bearing in mind, of course, that I also get items to read through Twitter, Facebook, my LJ friends list, my Dreamwidth reading page, and the odd emailed link, so that 25% is probably nearer 15%. Oh, and a lot of the time I'll click through to a site and then go on to the thing _it_ was linking to.

Sites I've clicked through to the most:
Hacker News
The Register
BBC News
SciFi Wire
Science Daily
Wired News
Liberal Conspiracy
Liberal Democrat Voice

(As a reminder for the links process - when I find something shareworthy I bookmark it on, a twice-hourly process then dumps the recent links out to Twitter, and a daily process does likewise to DW, which then forwards the post onto LJ.)

Original post on Dreamwidth - there are comments there.

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