Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

I despair, I really do

Today's Scottish Metro has a wrap-around cover advertising the Scottish Labour party.

Well, I say advertising the Labour party, it's mostly a "BE TERRIFIED OF THE SNP!" advert.

Apparently the SNP, if elected, will spend all of their time distracted by Independence, and completely forget to deal with the economy, crime, etc.

Speaking of which, Labour are also pushing a "KNIFE CRIME IS COMING TO GET YOU!!!" campaign that's aimed firmly into Daily Mail territory, and claiming that the SNP would do nothing about this (being, as they are, far too distracted by Independence). This would be the SNP whose current leadership of the Scottish government has had knife crime drop 30%, by actually engaging with the problems that cause knife crime rather than just slapping mandatory sentences on (I abhor mandatory sentences with a fiery passion).

Frankly, if I was trying to decide whether to vote SNP or Labour then I'd be voting SNP out of sheer annoyance at Labour's advertising campaign.

(Also, while I'm not a strong supporter of Independence, I do think that there ought to be a referendum on it. It's been thirteen years since devolution, we should treat the Scottish population like adults and let them decide what they want. If they vote no then it puts the issue to bed for a generation. If they vote yes then the country can move in that direction. In either case it takes away a massive question/argument that hangs over the Scottish political landscape.)

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