Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

As weak as a kitten with muscular dystrophy

On Thursday evening we went out for dinner at Bonsai with lizzie_and_ari, using the vouchers we'd got on Groupon a while back. The food was lovely, as was the company, and it was the first time we'd been out for an evening with other people since marrog's birthday meal (also lovely. I seem to have run out of adjectives). They mentioned that they were going to be watching the Royal Wedding with John and Hazel the following morning, and although I'm not at all interested in the wedding, Julie wanted to see the dress, so we signed ourselves up.

And it was fun - John had to go out and do Beltane stuff, but we happily snarked through the people arriving, and when the wedding itself started everyone else got wrapped up in it, so I switched to the snark on Twitter and Facebook instead, which kept me happy giggling to myself.

We then wandered home so Julie could get some work done (she's working her way through 7000 publication abstracts at the moment, trying to find the right ones for the systematic review portion of her PhD.) and at that point my cold went from "mildly distracting" (as it had been since Wednesday) to "sit down and stare into space blankly".

Which resulted in us watching the second half of Disney's Hercules (awesome), the original Muppet Movie (oddly meandering, but with some great parts, and all sorts of cameos from people I failed to recognise when I saw the movie as a child), the latest episodes of Big Bang Theory and Community (still fantastic, on both counts), followed by me sleeping in until midday today.

Julie's been a godsend in all of this, bringing me chicken soup with freshly baked bread rolls (Sainsburies sell rolls that just need ten minutes in the oven to brown them, absolutely delicious), making breakfast this morning, and generally looking after me. I know we're not married yet, but she's still performing her wifely duties admirably :->

I was really hoping to be spending today doing Yes to AV stuff, but as I can't even take the bins out without hot and cold chills, this seems unlikely. I am feeling somewhat better after my ridiculously long sleep, and I'm hoping to be recovered enough to do some leafletting tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath.

Now to see if I can get anything done slowly around the flat, or if that's also too much to ask of myself...

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