Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker


A couple of days ago octopoid_horror sent me a link to a trailer for a Star Trek "Porn Parody"* - to which my main response was "special effects have now come so far that the special effects of the porn movie look better than that of the original TV series:

Today, zornhau linked me to this article which says that the plot is also better, and ties into canon better than any of the later Trek movies.

It really is an odd world we live in.

(I'm not saying anything here about the quality of the acting. For fairly obvious reasons.)

*The basis of the porn parody series seems to be that parody is protected under US law, so you can basically make your own porn of anything you like without getting getting (or paying for) licensing, providing you say that it's a parody of the original. There are now a lot of them.

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