Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Everything is far away

Back at the hotel dead on 2am. Which is an hour earlier than expected, solely because the Pune Warriors completely wiped the floor with the Kings XI Punjab, ending the match at 10:50, rather than the midnight we'd been led to believe it would finish.

On the way there we stopped off at the Bhaja Caves, which were amazing.

And on the way back the driver kept himself awake with a succession of late 90's europop. I haven't heard the Vengaboys in a very long time, and frankly I haven't missed them at all (comedy moment of the evening - mishearing "We're going to Ibiza" as "We're going to eat pizza", which meant the song made even less sense that before).

In any case, I'm up in five hours for more training, so sleep very much awaits...

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