Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Day du jour

Up at 7:45, at Sainsburies for 8:13, where they had a dozen Fair Trade red roses for a fiver.

Pop home again, put roses in vase and leave next to Julie's monitor for her to find when she wakes up.

Leave for work.


Leave work. Walk to Namaste Kathmandu Nepalese/Indian restaurant* and meet Julie. Arrive ten minutes early and find her sheltering in a bus stop, having managed to arrive 20 minutes early.

Eat absolutely delicious food. Feel baffled that the place is half empty. More people should find Nepalese food romantic.

Head to Ocean Terminal. Find a comfortable sofa overlooking the Forth/Royal Yacht and drink until 9pm.

Watch Tangled. Laugh, cry, and generally enjoy the hell out of ourselves.

Catch bus home. Bump into marrog and erindubitably walking the ten minutes home from the bus stop. Have brief chat about Battlestar Galactica (the board game) and scurvy.

Write LJ post.

To do:
Strip naked and fall asleep next to lovely girlfriend.

In summation:
Hope you all had a good day too.

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