Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker


On the plus side, the flooring went down yesterday without a problem, and the living room looks awesome. Well, except that the new skirting board needs to be painted. And everything needs to be moved back into there.

On the negative side, I had slight sniffles for a couple of days (left over from the cold that knocked me off work), which vanished last night, moving instead into my inner ear. I now feel absolutely fine, except that looking to my left or right makes me feel vertiginous and nauseous. Joy. Also, walking round corners makes me bump into things. More Joy. So I'm off work, unable to do much except sit still and stare at things. Which means that I have managed to read all of Absolute Promethea Volume 2, and surf the internet a bit, but frankly I'd rather be getting stuff done either at work or in the living room. *sigh*

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