Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker


Today has mostly been spent feeling too hot. Then too cold. Then too hot. Then too cold. With a brain that's been near-non-functional, and a constant throbbing headache. I've perked up a bit in the last couple of hours, helped by neurofen+codeine, and Megamind. Which was exactly what I needed, with multiple plot twists I wasn't expecting, a soundtrack of late 80s rock, and a constant stream of humour. It was everything I expected (and didn't get) from Despicable Me (a movie that I eventually enjoyed, but wanted to enjoy a lot more).

Anyway, I'm still feeling shaky, but better than this morning. My inclination at the moment is to take tomorrow off unless I feel fine in the morning, as the last thing I want to do is prolong this (or sit in the office being infectious with a brain that won't bend itself to programming - I wasn't even up to playing computer games today, a sure sign that my brain has been shut down).

I'm just grateful that Saturday was the only day I spent in a full-on ManFlu state, and that was the day _before_ Julie's period started, so she wasn't in too much pain to look after me (doing a sterling job, by the way, I got brought multiple cups of tea, many hugs, and today she made sugar-free sweet popcorn. I must keep her around).

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