Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

One More Day

Ending up staying awake until Julie got home. Once I hit midnight I figured that she'd be home in about an hour, and the fact that she arrived in a somewhat drunken state at 2:45 just meant that I got to stare feebly at the internet for a bit longer (it got pretty darn quiet after 1am, I hit refresh a _lot_).

Anyway, she arrived in, was fed Resolve, tea, and toast, and then fell asleep within the hour, having apparently had a very fun time out dancing. Next time, I hopefully will be feeling less like death and more like dancing.

In other news, we then slept in until 1pm, and then spent a lazy morning* watching a few episodes of our latest addiction: Community. Of which the first episode is dedicated to John Hughes, and The Breakfast Club is referenced on several occasions. It's great fun, and better written than I was really expecting. Also, nice to see Chevy Chase acting again (he was also awesome in season two of Chuck). Oh, and Alison Brie, who Julie instantly recognised as Pete's wife from Mad Men.

We've also come to the end of our re-watch of How I Met Your Mother, which was legen...wait for it....dary. I didn't join Julie in watching it until midway through season four, so there was lots of new stuff that suddenly made sense of things I'd seen (like Slapsgiving. And the goat). I still want to smack Ted upside the head on a regular basis, but the show is a huge amount of fun. And as I linked to it on somneone else's journal mere moments ago, have the awesome suit song from the 100th episode:

And now I should probably go and wash some clothes for tomorrow, on the grounds that I'll probably be recovered enough by then to make it in.

*Morning (noun): The three hours after waking up, or the time between waking and midday, whichever ends later.

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