Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

The Path Of True Christmas Never Did Run Smooth

Actually, Christmas did run smoothly, apart from the snow, flight, train, rental car, and way too much food problems.

New Year, on the other hand...well, I guess isn't that bad either. Julie has fallen into her usual Christmas tradition of arriving home from her family (and mine), relaxing from the utter chaos, and fallen instantly into illness*, and is now lying in bed sniffling, shivering, eating tuna sandwiches, and watching Come Dine With Me.

Which means that I shall be venturing out into the New Year blizzards** by myself, heading over to my brother's for the traditional celebration board games for a couple of hours, then over to erindubtably and marrog's place for a couple more hours (this time in pyjamas, as per this year's dress code - I bought mine yesterday, as my _actual_ sleeping attire is somewhat lacking in existence), before heading home to see Julie.

And, of course, I've just realised that we don't have any food in at the moment, and the shops shut in an hour until the 2nd. So I'll be popping into the shops on the way to Hugh and Meredith's. Must dash.

And a Happy New Year to all of you!

*Last year we managed until about five past midnight before staggering the hundred yards back home so she could collapse into bed.
**Not actual blizzards. But it is a bit chilly out there.

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