Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

It's all gone a bit quiet

After the celebration which one of Mike's exes used to refer to as "Meatmas" (not entirely unjustifiably, as dinners have included roast lamb, beef steak, pork steam, chicken+turkey, venison, and spaghetti bolognaise), Mike has taken Hugh,Meredith and Noah and headed back into Edinburgh to drop them of before catching his flight back to London.

Without four less people in the house it's quieter. Without Noah, it's almost silent. And with the snow still on the fields here, and mist bringing turning the world blank at about 200 yards, it's all got a marvellous sense of isolation.

I clearly needed this break - my stress levels have dropped significantly, and I've been realising how much having a flat in a complete mess was making me miserable.

The new flooring for the living room was supposed to be delivered the day before I left for Kelso, but ran late due to snow. So it will hopefully be delivered a few days into 2011, and we'll have a revamped living room by mid-January. And then, hopefully, we'll feel more relaxed and comfortable in our own home.

Meanwhile, Mum has fallen asleep mid-Soduko, Dad is reading Most Secret War (about cryptography and science in WWII), Julie is catching up on LJ, and the two dogs are lying on their backs, exposing their slowly moving tummies to the sky with the occasional kick of a leg as they dream away.

Soon we shall play some Dominion, and then chat until dinner. Sounds nice.

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