Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
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Computer games

I hadn't quite realised how big the Call of Duty games are. Looks like Black Ops has already taken a billion-or-so dollars. Not quite up there with the $2.7Billion that Avatar took at the cinema, but still darned impressive, particularly as the Call of Duty series is now 8 games long (total take is about $3Bn, so presumably the sales ramped up as they went along).

What I'm finding tricky is finding comparative sales figures that include PC sales. I know that Steam/Valve (for instance) don't talk about the sales figures for the games they sell, and VG Chartz will happily tell me that Black Ops has sold 9million copies on the 360, and 7million on the PS3, I don't trust their PC figures at all (it tells me that CoD: MW and MW2, for instance, sold a grand total of zero copies on PC, which I find unlikely.) I'm sure that the PC games business is smaller than the Console game business by a significant chunk, but I find it unlikely that it's so small that it cannot be detected :->

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