Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

A sudden realisation about Facebook and Livejournal

If I have a sentence pop into my head and I put it on Facebook then it remains a sentence. If I have a sentence pop into my head and start writing it on Livejournal then nine times out of ten it turns into a post.

However, when I only have a sentence in my head, it seems silly to write a one-sentence post, and so I write it on Facebook.

That, combined with the fact that writing a couple of sentences on the phone is about all I can be bothered with (and the phone is what I tend to have in my hand when I'm bored between places) means that Facebook gets all the love.

And so I am going to try an experiment. The next few times a sentence pops into my head I shall open up Semagic (or the update page) and write it down there. And then I shall see if it sprouts into a post, or remains a single sentence.

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