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Better Than A Pretty Good Day

Ok, better than pretty good - yesterday was kinda awesome.

It started with breakfast at midday at Vittoria's for the 1-year birthday of momentmusicaux's daughter. I had chicken in a white wine and mushroom sauce, which is (a) one of my favourite meals and (b) infrequent, as Julie doesn't eat mushrooms. It was lovely catching up with a bunch of people, and watching various young-uns scampering around the table. The staff provided helium balloons for each othe kids, and when we left my nephew (Noah) was holding hands with lilaanne and blearyboy's daughter, with the strings of their ballons entwining slowly as we walked along George IV Bridge. Julie and I headed off to The Meadows and wandered about it, reminiscing about back when Julie used to live next to it, and got to jog around it. And then we headed home.

Where we got to spend about an hour and a half, before heading out for half of my Christmas present. She'd told me I had to keep this Saturday evening free about two weeks ago, so I had done, although she wouldn't tell me what it was for. Turned out to be The Three Musketeers and The Princess Of Spain, which was unruly, bawdy, ridiculous, grotesque, exciting and funny. Not at all what I was expecting and all the better for it.

We then went for a drink in The Fimhouse bar (handily just over the road), and then walked back homewards, stopping in for a late snack at Burger King to keep us going, and then ending up pausing two thirds of the way back to discover that Voyage Of The Dawn Treader had an 11:15 showing. Which we got out of at 1am, staggered home the last mile or so and collapsed into bed, where we watched and episode of How I Met Your Mother and fell asleep, completely exhausted.

Today we had breakfast out again, this time followed by shopping for Christmas presents and a couple of things to make the flat more livable. Soon there will be spaghetti bolognaise for dinner. And Tron. Which I had to download as it is, astoundingly, not on release as a DVD at the moment. I am boggled by the incompetence, I really am.

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