Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Darkest before the dawn

No, wait, still my parents house.

Mine looks like this:

Where you can see that the insurance people have given the damp people permission to get the work done. The floor's been taken up, the floorboards are also being taken up, joists are being replaced, and fungus-resistant stuff is being applied liberally. Along with much muttering of "Who the hell were the cowboys who did the last job?"

It's a bit shit, being utterly constrained to the bedroom all the time, but it should only be for a few days - and last night we were out at a concert anyway, seeing LCD Soundsystem at The Barrowlands in Glasgow. They're one of Julie's favourite bands, and it's probably my favourite venue, so overall it was a good night out. Helped even more by a delicious meal at The Dhabba, a stonkingly good North Indian restaurant, which I heartily recommend, particularly as they have a half-price deal on main meals so long as you're out before 8pm. I had lamb on the bone that was to die for. We had dinner at their sister-restaurant Dakhin (similar, but South Indian) last year, and that was similarly delicious.

Anyway - renovators are here for two days, then the skirting boards, etc. need to go back on, then the plasterer/painter will make it look like nobody was ever here, and then we can finally get the new flooring put down in the living room that we've wanted for an age. And eventually this will be the flat that we actually want to live in (after the kitchen has been ripped out and replaced with a less stupidly arranged one).

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