Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Dear Diary

Today I spent more on an item of clothing than I ever have before.

Having looked fruitlessly for a full-length woolen overcoat a couple of weeks ago I was offered advice by joexnz to try the Shelter on Nicholson Street, so Julie and I dutifully spent half the day scouring _all_ of the charity shops in Edinburgh (Well, the 6 in that area, and all the ones we could find in Morningside, where the rich people give nice things to charity shops). Sadly, the only coat we found that was suitable was (a)£75 and (b)in a charity shop that was didn't open on Sundays.

So I took the advice given to me by a friend at work, and went to Slaters on George Street, where we found this one for £90. Which is more than I've ever spent on a single item of clothing, but for something which will hopefully last a few years, is made of wool, and should keep the damnable Edinburgh winter off of my thighs, is well worth paying. Especially when I couldn't find anything similar for less than £120-£150 elsewhere.

They also had a wide selection of other smart-ish clothing, so I'll have to try them again next time I need something for work.

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