Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker


Red was unsubtle, clumsy and fun. The best bits were definitely the silliest.

It is terribly easy to tell if it's your kind of movie. This piece of dialogue epitomises the movie:
(On entering a place where the CIA keep the documents that you really aren't supposed to see)
Agent: I didn't think this place existed.
CIA Librarian: It doesn't.

If this, plus the fact that the CIA agent is played by Ernest Borgnine fills you with happiness at the huge levels of cheese then you should go see the movie. If it makes you cringe at the huge levels of cheese then you should avoid it.

In any case, when it remembers to be silly it is very good fun, and when it momentarily lapses into serious it is the wrong kind of laughable.


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