Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker
andrewducker the bedroom!

The initial damp people have been. They have discovered that the people who did the last lot of repairs are incompetent, and that we have mould and damp under both the study and the living room. Tomorrow the specialist comes to see if they can find the source. Joy!

As the floors of both rooms are now open, and Julie has asthma, we are thus confined to the remaining rooms of the flat. We cooked chicken provencal in the kitchen. The bathroom isn't _that_ much fun to hang out in, so we're both in the bedroom. Which we thankfully moved Julie's desktop into yesterday, so I'm chatting to henriksdal on the laptop, while Julie plays Sims3, which she has just rediscovered (and says is dramatically improved by some of the recent patches).

Soon there will be sleep. Soooo tired.

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