Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Living La Vida Loca

This weekend has largely involved boxes.

That is, taking half of my book collection, placing it in boxes, and then placing them in the toilet. When this is finished (nine boxes down, two or three to go) I will be able to take down half of the shelves, (8 of them, each 8feet long, although the top shelf is board games rather than books) so that the damp people can get at the wall on Wednesday morning. It's a joy, it really is.

We also went into town, for one bit of shopping failure (no decent long coats anywhere. Everyone has jackets, but Scotland is _cold_ in winter, and a full length coat keeps the wind and rain out rather well), and two bits of shopping success (steak from Sainsbury's in town, as the local Sainsbury's is shut for a week for renovation. And Mario Galaxy 2, as we've reached the final, grindy, levels of the first one, which means it has pretty much stopped being fun. Awesome while it lasted though.)

It's now 9:45, and with both of us worn out we're not going to make it out to lilaanne's birthday drinks, so I'm going to stare at the internet or re-read one of the many cool books I discovered while I was supposed to put them in boxes, and Julie is going to watch Simon Cowell be mean to people who can't sing.

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