Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

This week's reading

Just finished the new Iain M Banks (Surface Detail), which I thoroughly enjoyed. I'd been worrying about it a bit, as I've given up on the mainstream Iain Banks novels a while back, but it hung together incredibly well, and I found the book incredibly hard to put down. Recommended (although I'm not sure how well someone who hasn't read some of the previous Culture novels would get on with it.)

Now I've started The Quantum Thief, which was recommended by a couple of people who got advance reading copies. Only about 10 pages in so far, but it's ticking all the right buttons (the opening scenes are set within a virtual prison based around The Prisoner's Dilemma). Oh, and the back cover has a recommendation by someone called "Charles Stross", who also seemed to like it.

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