Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Good Day

Played a fair chunk more of Mass Effect, which is endlessly good fun. Have been happily shooting some aliens and chatting others up.

Also finished Mario. Or, at least, saved the Princess. Apparently I can now continue to collect another 60-odd stars to _actually_ finish the game. Might do. We played the whole thing together - Julie enjoyed the liminality of assisting with the second remote, collecting stars and holding beasties in check as I manouvered around the obstacle courses. Fantastic game.

We also made dinner together - chicken chasseur and potato dauphinoise. Which is dead easy if you use chasseur mix, but still fantastically tasty. You can't really go wrong with potatoes, cream and garlic.

And now off to visit Padmini. Julie staying at home feeling ill, so I shan't be out late.

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