Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Politics And Polls

Just looking at an interesting set of polls here, following up Ed Milliband's election as leader of the Labour party (that's the leftest of the three major parties we have in the UK, when it comes to financial things).

Thankfully, I'm glad to see that AV is now back as more popular than FPTP, thanks to him throwing his weight behind it. I hope that sticks. There are an awful lot of don't knows though. Interesting to see that the only part of the population who are strongly anti-AV are the over 60s and Conservatives. I wonder what the age profile for the different parties looks like. Anyone got stats? Also interesting that the mass of the don't knows are in Social Grade C2,D and E - 39% of them have no opinion. I wonder if that will stick, or if they'll develop an opinion as the voting gets closer.

But I'm more interested to see that 2/3 of the country think that people at the higher end should pay more in taxes - including 53% of Conservative Party supporters (the rightest of the three major parties we have in the UK). I was expecting Labour and Lib-Dem members to be in favour of higher taxation, but I wasn't expecting the Conservatives to also have a majority in favour to.

Also, 72% in favour of higher minimum wage, including 59% Conservatives, and 74% in favour of a higher levy on banks, including 71% of Conservatives.

It seems that the Conservatives have been shifted leftwards when I wasn't looking, at least over some matters. Which is good, in many ways.

In other news Nick Clegg has come out and said something that I've seen on a variety of smaller blogging sites about the spending review:
"Even after all the decisions that we have to take which are difficult ones, we'll still be spending more money at the end of the period than we are now."
Because it seems that the majority of the "cuts" are cuts to proposed spending increases, and not cuts to current spending. Anyone got anything further on that?

Oh, and I'm broadly happy with the stuff that Ed Miliband has been saying. Distancing himself from the Iraq War, ID cards, and other anti civil liberty stuff from the previous governments agenda and coming back with a left-wing liberal agenda. While his voting record doesn't agree with his stated opinions, I'm hopeful that his future actions will line up better with what he's now saying. I shall keep my fingers crossed.

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