Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Tales of Woe

This just in from someone who shall remain anonymous:
My cubemate Hal, just got off the phone to technical support asking them to reset his password (which involves emailing it to his line manager and checking credentials etc.)
I heard his side of the conversation…

“I need to reset my password….no, I didn’t forget it, it just stopped working…no I didn’t change it…here’s my line manager’s email…”

After a couple of minutes he arrives back with a new password written on a piece of paper and thrusts it into my face, saying “here it is, my new password!”

Followed by a bout of typing and…

“My enter key isn’t working….neither is my C key…oh yeah, I spilt water all over my keyboard yesterday………oh”

Yeah, I don’t think it’s his password that was broken.

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