Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Le weekend

Friday evening was spent Laser Questing, with cairmen, werejud and two other people that don't have LJs as far as I know. One of them was a visitor from Norway, who apparently hadn't ever played laser quest before, and proceeded to annhialate all of us, and the 13 other people who were also playing our sessions, by an impressive margin. Very good fun, and an hour is about as much as I wanted to play, so we timed it just right. We then retreated to the pub, and more people joined us for alcohol and conversation, which was very nice indeed.

Saturday was fairly quiet - largely consisting on playing Settlers with Julie and doing a few things around the flat before heading out in the evening to lizzieandari's flat, because Ari now has indefinite leave to remain in the UK. Handy, as she's married to Lizzie, who live here. I was exhausted for some reason, and kept yawning at people, despite their interestingness, and so took myself off home unreasonably early (althogh a little later than Julie, who was coming down with a cold and having real problems following people's conversations when there were three of them happening in the same room at once).

Sunday was spent playing Civ 4, which I have finally gotten into. I still feel completely lost most of the time, and I can't work out if this is because the game is more confusing, or simpler, than it appears to be. I'm also not sure if I'm actually enjoying it. But it sure was addictive, taking up about 4 hours of the day. And then Julie and I went to the end of festival fireworks. Which are perfectly viewable from the nearby hillsides, but even better from within Princes Street Gardens, as they pipe the music from the live orchestra to you. Sadly I can't find any fantastic photos on Flickr of them, but you can get an impression by clicking through on these images:

This morning I am waiting for the damp people who theoretically fixed my damp problem in February to arrive and tell me why it's still damp. Huzzah!

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