Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Anyone recommend some software?

My brother is looking for some software - anyone think of decent software that does this?
I can think of a big diagram and linking together all the individual parts so that it creates a map of the system and then what makes up those parts and then what makes up those parts until you get down to a level of granularity that actually is useful.
E.g. the World is made up of continents, on each continent there are factions, each faction owns lands, armies and people,  Each faction has an ethos.  Each land is made up of regions.  Each region has a number of towns and cities.  Each City is controlled by a Group.  Each group has a leader, a Name, and a number of players in it.
And so on down in detail. 
You could have a massive database of this... but I'd prefer some kind of picture representation.  Even better one that you can focus on the individual parts (zoom in and out so to speak).

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