Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Dr Who

On Julie's grandparents' computer at the moment, so only a short post.

But it was awesome.

We didn't get a complete explanation - the plot continues into season 2!
It made more sense than RTD's stuff ever did, while still containing enough stuff out of left field to keep me amused and constantly on my toes.
Rory is going with them - The Doctor has two companions on an ongoing basis! This makes me incredibly happy!

Well done to the people that spotted that it was two different Doctors in the Weeping Angels two-parter.

I wonder how long Moffat will keep the plot going for. I think that more than two seasons without an explanation for where the cracks came from, what the voice in the TARDIS control room was, what the burn marks on the front lawn were, etc, etc would be a mistake, but I'd be happy to have a bad-guy/plot that continued on after that point.

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